My life, 3D Art, interests and whatever I want…

All the above please. Unlike some blogs and online profilers who prefer to be an absolute mess, I would like to keep this to the point of interest. Reserving the right of “Whatever”, I will tag the start of each new entry with a main subject title, for example (*3D would be on the subject of anything 3D). This might also be a really dumb idea, so maybe I won’t do it at all.    

So yeah for those of you that may have heard of me or know someone who knows me, than you know I’m “The 3D Guy”. Well you see I have a funny disability that forces me to enjoy siting at my desk learning all kinds of 3d programs and editors. I sometimes ask my self why I do it, but before I can answer, a thought of a new cool idea for a game or animation pops into my head, which is not always a good thing because I’m ether working on a project that has a deadline and/or its 4 am in the morning and my wife is begging me to come to bed, because “global illumination” rendering makes the computer run a little hotter than normal, making my case fans turn up the RPM’s.

(the following is a recommended product for all those crazy people that get “yellow and red eye” from working or playing in front of their computer screens for outrageously insane amounts of time/Murine Eye Drops, offering super relief to all your bloodshot problems! available at your local Walgreens and CVS stores)


~ by mloope08 on July 18, 2008.

One Response to “My life, 3D Art, interests and whatever I want…”

  1. Mr. 3D Guy! It is always great to see creative people like yourself giving your all to an art form through self-instruction and dedicated hard work, hours and hours of design and trial and error, making it become exactly what you see in your mind or in sight. It is inspiring to all those people who are creative to see by your efforts that they too could learn to make a reality all that is in their imagination actually rendered. How did you go about learning all that you have? What would be your advise to others who would like to learn to create as you do? What do you hope to do with your abilities? We need more real “heroes” who give of their gifts and talents to others, to inspire as you are working to do. Keep it up…

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