3D Game Titles

Titles I have worked on

Titles I have worked on

A big part of my addiction to 3D is the gaming side, the ability to work with a team of people for long periods of time, striving for the same goals! its an awesome experience. Level Design is my specialty, I always loved building forts and sandcastles as a kid, and now helped build a tropical island in the china sea which wound up being a front for an alien invasion! Even though the Crysis days are over for me, I still love using my knowledge of the “Crytek Sandbox Dev” editor to MOD new places and scenarios for people to explore, destroy, and enjoy. like right know I’m working on three different MODs, one that triples all the AI in large scale areas to increase battle length and intensity, one that adds a large scale (250NPC+) jungle engagement between US and Korean Forces, and the newest being “Oasis Assault” which is a large sandbox style map that features several villages and secret locations the player can visit, also includes a run down shack the player and go to restock on ammo and maybe grab a new vehicle. So although I’m very happy I was not responsible for creating the world in 7 days with C4D, 3D studio Max, Maya, and the Sandbox Dev editor, I do love what I do and look forward to excelling in the fields of 3D and Game Design.

Oasis Assault v3

Oasis Assault v3

(3D programs and editors I’m currently working with: C4D, Realflow4, COH World-builder Dev, Sandbox Dev, and Ob Dev.)


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  1. Hey I love it! Great blog

  2. Wow I enjoy reading so many things, and Its so cool well done!

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