ATI vs INVIDA, Price vs Performance


Price vs Performance or Both?

Price vs Performance or Both?

INVIDA and ATI the two biggest rivals in the computer graphics world. ATI with their amazing pricing and INVIDA’s screen shattering performance, or is it? The battle of the “Graphics Cards” is on going because of the one reason thats dumbest of all, and that’s “Bragging rights”. People will put off buying their awesome new RIG just because of a they can’t afford a Logo, when most of them are just wanting the performance of the card and really don’t care what “splash screen” comes up. Now I’m not an ATI or INVIDA fanatic, no, I would like to think my self a properly powered PCI-e slot(able to take both).

I have owned both brands and have gotten maximum performance out of them. The one thing about this that cooks my board is the fact there’s a $200-$400 dollar difference between new INVIDA and ATI cards when your practically buying the same quality… so what one has a little bit more “memory bandwidth” or has a few more “stream processors” or maybe the core and memory clock is a little different, so over clock, don’t know how, google it. Its been found that 73% of custom computer builders OC. It doesn’t really matter as long as your getting 30-50 FPS with Crysis and will be able to play Far-Cry2, Fallout 3, Mercenaries 2, and all the other great games coming out…

Look at the INVIDA 9800 and the Visiontek Readon 3870 x2, the 3870×2 creamed the INVIDA 9800 right out of the box and even more so, after being OC there was no going back and all for $399.99 the 9800 $600.00(more depending on the brand). And holy Crap! if you really want power and maybe have some more money to spend, the get two 3870’s for the price of one 280x, throw them in crossfire and your off!

Now one of the things I hate the most in the review world, is when someone writes something without having experience with the product. I am the founder a new company that builds Custom gaming RIGs with both Intel, AMD, INVIDA, and ATI, but before I started is company I had been building computers for people for over 6 years and worked with all the major brands, so I know a lot about these products and their makers. I think having multiple encounters with the same product allows you to get a good feel and over all view of price vs performance. So my add advice to you who may be building a RIG, don’t wait for the extra $200-$400.00 and just get the Visiontek 3870×2 I guaranty you won’t see a significant difference thats worth the $200-400 more dollars. which you could use that extra money to buy all those games you are buying the computer for!

Remember, I have great respect for INVIDA and enjoy their products just as much, but don’t feel so strongly about their prices, I am sure those of you who bought two SLI GTX 8800’s for $1600.00 feel the same. I’m also sure even the biggest INVIDA fan would like a price reduction. 

Good Hunting and remember you don’t need to spend $5,000 to build a next-gen RIG.


By the way my company is in the middle of designing our own standard ATX computer case, tell me what you think.


The "Turbine 1"

The "Turbine 1"

The “Turbine 1” is designed with superior air cooling in mind, with a hugh fan in the front and honeycomb back, this case makes you want under the desk for just your feet!


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3 Responses to “ATI vs INVIDA, Price vs Performance”

  1. Just my 2c…but I’m a firm believer of Nvidia. I don’t have anything against ATI but I just find NVidia cards to be more stable and reliable 🙂

  2. Yeah, I like both Nividia and ATI… both have excellent teams that keep their products up to date… and I know that quality deserves a good price tag, but I think that they could be a little better market priced. or at a “fair trade price”. Hey what to you thing of the computer case? thanks for the comment!

  3. that case looks sweeet, i want one, hmmmm as i do a little fabricating myself i might have a little tester myself at a case, let us know wehn this one will be on sale and ill be in there for a taste…

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