Apple tomorrow



Its time to get allMinority Report” on the computer and tech world… The Mac tablet/ laptop with its built in dvd player, solid-state HD, wireless-ness, GPS system and running OS X all packed up in a slick 12 inch touch screen… all we need now is a built in hologram and a “beam me up Scotty” button. Intel running the new “Atom” processor under the hood will make this number one in its field.

Like the “Ipod Touch” I have been reading that people are hoping that this new Mac innovation should be called the “MacBookTouch”, I, on the other hand don’t care what its called as long as the rumored release dates are true! Sometime between September and October of this year, yeah that’s right, 2008! Apples not content just giving us a new Iphone, their way of thinking is Christmas+Birthday= Awesome. I can’t what to see what’s next so I can call my buddy’s on my 3G Iphone and tell them that I just heard about it while surfing the internet on my Apple MacBookTouch! All the craziness, no end! Apple/Mac. What do you think?



~ by mloope08 on July 29, 2008.

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