The future of BMW

BMW and their new “shapeshifting” car. Building concept cars lets designer’s imagination forget about rules and limits and create everything they want. 

The result is often outstanding. BMW offered to our attention an outlandish model – a shape-shifting car covered with fabric – the GINA Light Visionary Model. 

It is made neither of steel nor of aluminum or carbon fiber. The model’s body consists of seamless fabric stretched over a movable metal frame. This combination allows the owner to change its shape according to his or her desire. 

It runs and drives as a usual one. Actually, the car was designed for the BMW Museum in Munich, because creating a practical car wasn’t the goal for the producers. 

While building the car, the team of the designers and engineers were allowed to forget about usual principles and make something incredible. So, the car is going to remain just the concept, it is not suitable for series production. 

The car was built on the Z8 chassis and features a 4.4-liter V8 and six-speed automatic transmission. The producers assure that polyurethane-coated Lycra is resilient, durable and weather resistant. 

The aluminum frame, that the Lycra is stretched over, is controlled by electric and hydraulic actuators that let the driver change the body shape. Thanks to completely new technologies, there will be no problem if you want to have a big spoiler on the back of the car or wider fenders. 

The doors open in jack-knife way and are absolutely lank when closed. The access to the engine was made through a cut in the hood. The most important thing is that the shape of the car can be easily changed, but the fabric won’t be damaged. 

The interior of the car was made to create the maximum comfort for the driver. Moreover, this concept GINA provides all the safety of a modern car. 

BMW hopes that GINA will help to change the design of future innovative cars. Where will technology take us next?


~ by mloope08 on August 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “The future of BMW”

  1. Holy Cow, thats crazy!!

  2. nice and so amazing..very different.can u give me one!!!!

  3. Hmm…I like the concept…but the feasibility of driving this car in a crime ridden city would be a little disconcerting…instead of just slashing tires criminals could slash your whole car to pieces…making it not so feasible unless their were an external laser security system…again something that would need to be developed in parallel for this car specifically.

  4. I want this car!!!! This is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That’s INNOVATION!

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